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Did you arrive here by chance, or was it simply fate that brought you to Me? 

What a shame it might be if you left now, without really knowing.

Come now, just take a moment to see what’s inside, of you, of me, and…of what can be. 

I’m different. I suspect you are, as well.  There are things we feel, things that others don’t understand, or just can’t understand.  I’ve learned not to resent them. The others.  The sensations.  I hope you have too, or that you will.  So… 

Let me ensnare you, for a moment, in a web of your choosing, or mine, where everything else fades to black, except the feeling of giving each other pleasure in our own particular way.  Just for a moment, own your desires, and then…bring them to Me.  I will make them more real than you can possibly imagine.

Enter My World


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